What happened to all the flashy cars? Corazon spotted riding on a Boda Boda

Socialte Corazon has been full of surprises this week, from taking photos next  to a super expensive cars owned by one of his sponsors to buying a new house in one of Nairobi's posh places.

This time its totally different. The socialite decided to take Maina Kageni's advice on domestic tourism and went to visit a few places in Kisumu. She decided to be a little adventurous and took the famous 'Peng'  ride around Kisumu city.

And just to remind her haters, she wrote;

If you ever visit kisumu without taking the famous 'peng' ride! You haven't really visited kisumu 😂😂😂😂!#haterswillsayambroke\

The ride which was only a kilometer long, was charged only 50 bob but felt really good especially to Corazon who is used to driving around in expensive cars.

Check out the photo and video below.

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