Zambian Man's 'Ndei' Stuck in a 21 Inch Bolt-ring

There was drama at Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia when an ambulance with a young man reeling in pain, arrived the emergency ward.

It is reported that a 24-year-old young man who was rushed to the hospital, had put a size-21 bolt as a sex ring on his penis to give him sensation while he was masturbating in his bedroom.
Urine and blood gushed out of his manhood while doctors battled tirelessly to pull the stubborn ring off his penis.

Unfortunately, the surgeon on duty, Doctor Maison Chomba, indicated that the bolt could not be removed without surgery.

He said the possibility was that the young man rolled the bolt to the root of his penis whilst it was flaccid but that the dilation of muscles happened after sexually toying the penis.

Source: SugarDaily

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