14 hilarious way on how to spot a kenyan

Kenyans are known to be the most entrepreneurial and Hilarious people you could ever come across. No single day passes by without experiencing dramas here and there.
The reason why I said Kenyans are the most entrepreneurial people is that the other day Kenyan economy was the other day ranked as among one of the most improved In the world but in real life here 25% of the business minds here develop ideas but the 75% are copy-cuts.  
Away from that. Nairobigossips.com has managed to stumble upon a post in describing various hilarious characteristics of how to spot a Kenyan.


1.Goes to a restaurant and orders, ''
nipee/niletee kama ya ule

2. Every strike has to have the song'
mapambano'' and the '' haki
yetu slogan

3.They say 207 when they mean 2007

4.Laughs at a probox owner when inside a tuktuk

5. Reads a newspaper with you in the
matatu and gets angry wen you flip the next page.

6.Goes to study in India and comes back
with an American accent '', ya kna war

7. You invite them home for a birthday
party,, they come empty_handed and

8. They borrow you a pen but they don't
return, and if they do, kifuniko imetafunwa.

9. Refers to all brands of detergents as OMO.

10. Refers to Toyota Hiace as a nissan.

11.Introduces him /herself by saying '' my
names are.
12. Puts Avocado on all types of foods
including crisps SMH.

13.They fear meeting a police at night than a robber.. .

14.Buys mineral water once and re_uses
the bottle with tap water for 3 MONTHS.
hehehe proud to be a Kenyan

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