"Acha Kuonyesha Matiti yote" Kenyan woman attacts Citizen News anchor lilian Muli

A Kenyan lady who claims to be a fashion enthusiast could not hide her sentiments on well endowed Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli as she decided to comment on one of her photos claiming Lilian exposed too much of her boobs.
The photo of Lilian Muli In a black, tight dress attracted the attention of the lass and went ahead to comment about it since she exposed her 'front rares' while reading news on National TV.

Here is  what the lady said about the Photo

“Iyo dress yako inaonyesha matiti yote kwa national TV. NKT”

Here is the photo which she laid her sentiments on.

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20 December 2015 at 21:28 delete

She looks good but there's more to news than sex appeal.I have long moved my news watching to Ntv and KTN.Once my hubby asked me "isn't she hot?"Watching news was considered a male activity so I guess she is on the Right track.Moving away from their news has also unhooked me from their soaps,their slim possible and the local fashion police that came with the news.You win some you lose some.