"Beba mzigo wako" Singer Akothee adresses ladies

Popular singer Akothee is known for her lavish lifestyle as she has ever been shy to flaunt her every move to the social media flaternity. This tome round the flamboyant singer who is also a mother of five took to social media to encourage those who seem to hope in life after they are impregnated by a guys and later dump them.

The singer laid her sentiments on social media by staqting that ladies should take responsibilities of their babies since they themselves were involved in the concieving.

Here is a post she took to social media

 “Continue crying that he made you pregnant & dumped you, kwani you you dint participate? Look at how we roll with the fruits of our womb ‪#‎saynotoabortion ‪#‎bebamzigowako mama, hawa walikuja na mabakuli tulingangana kuzijaza na hata hivyo bado tuko hai, shidaa haidumu, usilie mama , no condition is permanent

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