Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi set to sue NTV anchor Larry Mdowo

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has been making headlines for the better part of the year 2015. Of course it’s not for good reasons. The blogger has who is known for having over 500,000 followers has been in conflict with the big five companies in the country for publishing negative content that unlawfully displays a bad image to the companies he has been writing about.
Its few days after his arrest and seems he has held his neck high and still on with more of his controversies. Nyakundi is currently blaming NTV news Anchor Larry Madowo for publishing a false article about him on his blog. The blogger is alleging that larry has been bragging that he is broke and cannot be in a position to sue him.
Well the two seem to have an interesting conflict. Here is a post that blogger Cyprian Nyakundi posted on Facebook.

Why I am Suing Larry Madowo.
It is very unfortunate that I have to do this . Larry Madowo took on his Blog and Said that Nyakundi is always paid money to attack and tarnish brands and various individuals . He did this w/o attaching any evidence or believable facts . He was basically relying on a certain doctored Audio that was doing the rounds online . In my case with Bidco, the Audio Recording was not admissible in court because it was fake and doctored. I always Value freedom of the media but when one of the Biggest media Guys decides to attack you using his personal Blogs and NTV platform’ you cant fight back but do the necessary – I am just a blogger and they are the media . 
My Lawyer Ann Nderu wrote to Larry Madowo demanding for apology because there is no way he can prove the lies he wrote but he refused to apologize . Some people from Nation Media told me the fella said there is no way I can SUE him because I cant afford to do that .
On Wednesday we will file the case- (Defamation ) and it would be great if Larry Madowo proves that I am indeed paid to attack people online . It is that Simple . As I stated above, I value freedom of expression and respect the Work the media does but sometimes going ham on a Junior Kenyan without evidence because he doesnt like me is Wrong , unacceptable and Shameful.
Media especially NTV Must do something about their Journalists using the platform they are given to attack people they dont like . It breeds hatred. This is not what Journalism is about , It is wrong and unacceptable
We are seeking damages for emotional torture , Ridicule and attacks I got because of the Attacks after Larry Madowo Went personal on me .

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