Chipukeezy’s Fiance Reveals Why Their Wedding Didn’t Take Place

A wedding is a special occasion that you can promise a lady after acceptance of your proposal. Failing to deliver then believe you me you are in a bid of failing to have the woman and chances of losing her are highly guaranteed not unless both of you have settled to relax on it.
A few months ago it was all merry in the Blogosphere as Comedian cum radio presenter Chipikeezy had officially announced the date he was to walk down the aisle. Blogs had gone wild and none of them missed a post on Chipukeezy’s wedding. 
The occasion was scheduled to go down on 28th November 2015 of which it never happened. However this did not happen for the wrong reasons as Chipukeezy was busy in Rwanda Entertaining his funs whom seem to have ‘fallen in love’ with him.
Here’s what chipukeezy took on social media.

Chipukeezy live in Kigali Rwanda Serena hotel I must say this was one of the best shows that i have ever performed. Indeed my dream of becoming an international comedian just begun. .a wise once said and i quote “”when you are trying to do doing it they will tell you that you can’t when you finally do it they will ask you how you did it “”UGANDA See you on 9th i know who i am tour continues,” the comedian posed on his social accounts.

This post did not satisfy a curious Kenyan who felt that a show was not more important than a wedding which was scheduled to happen so he went ahead to ask why the occasion did not take place. This was the response he got.

It was postponed. Details soon

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