“Daddy Umenyamba” Father Almost kills His 10 Year Old Son for Embarrassing HIm In front of his friends

A young boy from Fuata Nyayo estate in Industrial Area Nairobi is nursing serious injuries all over his body after his father allegedly beat him up for revealing to visitors that he had passed gas. 

John Omollo was entertaining his visiting pal when his son, Barack Omata, joined them. The boys sat on the floor next to his father playing with his toys while the men talked and cracked jokes.

His father unwillingly farted and the boy jumped up pointing a finger at his dad saying “daddy umenyamba”. 

The embarrassed dad tried to block his mouth from repeating the words but he persisted and visitors burst out in laughter.

After they left, Omollo decided to beat his son badly for embarrassing him before the visitors. He then packed his belongings and left the house. He has not been seen since.

The industrial area police are still looking for him.

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