DISAPOINTING!! Here is why socialite Vera Sindika could not do her shopping in the US

Bootylicious Socialite Vera Sindika is without a doubt one of the filthy socialites enjoying life from a silver platter. The flamboyant socialite has never shied to flaunt her financial muscles to the general public despite all kind of criticism.

This time round Vera decided to express her disbelieve on social media after her credit cards were blocked for suspicion of misuse by an unauthorized person. The controversial socialite who is currently enjoying her holiday at the USA could not use her cards for shopping due to the nature of transactions she does in a span pf 24 hours. She revealed that she can swipe it today in Kenya, tomorrow in Dubai and in 24 hours in USA. Well this is a justifiable reason to have the cards deactivated by any lender due to the magnitude of usage within a short period of time in different locations.

Here is what Vera posted on social media

“So I Couldn’t Use My Cards When Shopping Yesterday Because The Bank Block(Ed) My Cards Due To Suspicion. Today Swipe In Kenya, Tomorrow In Dubai And In 24hrs In USA.”

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