Even after their monster collabo with daddy owen, here's why Denno is still living in abrupt poverty

Earlier this week Bahati touched the hearts of many after he decided to Help Denno of the “Mbona” hit song. Denno approached Bahati for financial help in orderr to be in a position to start his own business and be in a position to survive in the current harsh economic time.
Not only did Bahati agree to his plea but he decided not to let go of his music talent and they settled for a collabo.
Dennon was in interviewed by Kiss Fm as many were eager to know how he could be living in abrupt poverty after his song with daddy owen became a MONSTER hit in the country some time back.
Denno claimed that he did not benefit with anything from the collabo and says that he was just used. He also rubbished claims that Daddy owen had given him Ksh 1million to start a business which its said he mismanaged.
Here is an audio of hi Interview at Kiss FM

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