Hilarious words of 2015

1. Bae
Means: It’s a short form of “Babe”, which means lover. It can also be used to refer to people you value.
How to use it: “Bae, I love your outfit.”
Means: Acronym for Fear Of Missing Out (usually written, not spoken).
How to use: “I hate the Star Wars sequel but I had to watch it because of FOMO.”
Means: Acronym for Not Safe For Work. Used to warn somebody that a picture, audio or video cannot be downloaded, listened to or watched while at work due to its nature.
How to use: (Always written, not spoken). “Hey bro, that video is NSFW.
4. Goals
Means: Something desired.
How to use it: “OMG! Look at that shoe. Goals!”
5. Zero chill
Means: You’ve lost the ability to care anymore.
How to use: “Zero chill, you did not just tell him that.”
6. Niokotwe…
Means: (Always written, not spoken) Swahili slang for laughter, almost same as “I can’t”.
How to use: While commenting on a funny story or picture, you write “niokotwe Kinoo”.
7. Turn up
Means: To get high or drunk.
How to use: “Josephine’s party was turnt up last night. I had like 7 drinks, hooked up with 2 chicks and was going HAM on the dance floor. I was all the way turnt up.”
8. Shoe/sock game
Means: Showing off expensive shoes or (brilliantly coloured) socks.
How to use: Take a picture of your shoes and socks and write #Shoegame or #Sockgame.
9. Squad
Means: clique or group of friends.
How to use: I went out last night with the squad.

 courtesy of Nairobi news

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