Like Vera Sindika see what Zari Ex-husband has been doing to his skin

Ivan Samwanga ex-Husband to Ugandan Socialite Zari has been the talk of town due to his complexity. The lad has left many questioning whether he has been doing it like Socialite Vera Sindika. Well the self proclaimed Millionaire has refuted claims that he is indeed bleaching his skin and revealed his secret to his light glowing skin.

The flamboyant lad is not shy to reveal what his mula does for him. Here is what he posted on social media.

Since am Rich Gang CEO, I Only Use Natural Artesian Water to Shower With. New #FijiWater Special Delivery For My Shower Purpose. Money Is Good, Taking A Shower With Fiji Water, Sitting On Ac 24/7, Eating Gud, Having Money In My Pocket 24/7 Is The Reason for This Smooth Skin Of Mine. Try My Secret n See What Happens,


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