Man battles girlfriend almost and threatens to kill her. (PHOTOS)

A man by the name Enock Mwilu from sultan Hamud has shocked many after he brutally beat his wife and almost took her life.
It all started on Saturday 7th December after the were returning from dropping a friend who had visited them in a guest house. The duo started a fight after the enoc realised that a man was telling on him to his wife about his uncouth behaviors. When his enocs wife questioned about it they ranged into an argument that prompted Enoc to start wrestling his wife.
When they reached home Enoc was breathing fire and continued with the fierce beating while threatening to kill the lady. The man proceeded to taking an umbrella which he used to beat stab his wife and not only that he hit her with an Iron box.
The lady was heavily bleeding and pleaded the husband to take her to hospital and he later agreed on condition that she does not sell him out. She eventually reported the matter to the police.


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