Man gets a dog beating after caught bonking on a heavily pregnant woman in a maternity

We are currently leaving at the end times where some people's character cannot differentiated from that of animals. A worker at a privately owned Ebenezer Hospital in Kitale decided to take advantage of darkness and sneaked to maternity ward to satisfy his sexual desires with one of the heavily pregnant women.
The quack slowly sneaked and forcefully started forcing his way in one of the women in the ward. One of the nurses said she heard some movements but ignored as she assumed its one of the pregnant women was feeling uneasy but the noise was later followed by a crying voice. She quickly responded to the sounds and upon reaching where the patient was she found the man between the woman's thighs bonking her with all his energy.

The nurse quickly sounded the alarm and the man was roughed up by other hospital staff before he could take back his clothes and escape. He was later given a dogs beating to teach him a lesson never to forget.

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24 December 2015 at 00:32 delete

Please stop lying to people there is no hospital called Ebenezer in Kitale