Man Jailed for sending abusive texts to his wife

A middle aged man has sentenced to 3 months behind bars by Meru Chief Magistrate, Evans Makori, for sending abusive texts messages to his wife.

Moses Muriungi, 41, was given an option of either paying a Sh 5,000 fine or go to jail but his wife pleaded with Makori to lock him because he was a nuisance to the family.

Lydia Nkatha completely refused to forgive her husband of 20 years and said that he is immature and needs to grow up.

She also said that each time she does not pick his calls, he becomes abusive and often accuses her of sleeping with other men.

At one time, he burnt all her clothes simply because she told him to call her later because she was busy working.

Nkatha requested that he be jailed for the sake of family peace.

Mr. Makori considered her plea and took her kids into consideration and jailed Muriungi.

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