Meet the over 400kg couple who have never had S€X due to overweight. (PHOTOS)

God created man and later gave him a personal assistant the woman. He later gave them the earth and he told them to fill the earth.
Well its quite unfortunate for this Chinese couple who have not been in a position to engage in the procreation process due to their overweight bodies. The plus size lovers have been married for the last five years and they admit they have not been in any sexual relations as their weight do not allow.

Their weight combined totals to 400kg of which is too much for persons who are in their early 30’s. By a look at this photo, it clearly indicates the duo feeds too much but they are currently working on their diet  in order to start a healthy sexual life which will lead them to parenthood.
The couple also revealed that their plus size bodies have caused them a lot of challenges since obesity is not encouraged in China.


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