Socialite Huddah Monroe reveals the cost of her mansion. The cost might make you cry

Flamboyant Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe has today decided to reveal the cost of the house she resides in. She posted a photo on social media and captioned it that she is thanking God since the bank contacted her and told her that she is almost done paying her 50Million mortgage loan.
She went ahead and said she will soon parade her 50 million mansionete and gave a had slap to those who gossip in saloons that she lives in her range rover (Haha this is just Hilarious)

PHOTO by @buoart , SHOT this few months ago ! Love it ........ So today I decided to post this pic coz first ,TODAY was a really good day for me , I conquered all my fears and got to know my STATUS! Second , because the bank called me and told me I'm about to finish paying my MORTGAGE of 50M Kshs.... GOD is good this year is the BEST year for me ! Totally thankful , you'll finally get to see my house for those who gossip in Salons and bars saying I live in my RANGE Rover, I just had to share LOOOL! .... Be careful who throw shade on! Gods timing is the best and God blesses those you curse!!! I wish you all a happy month once again ! Be blessed always #CleanBillOfLife #WhenJesusSaysYes #NobodyCanSayNo #GodWin #Osinachi #BitchesWillBecomeBelievers

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