Steve Mbogo's Landlord reveals that steve does not own the 500 million property in karen

Controversial Billionaire suffers another big blow after owners of the property he claims to own in Karen disclosed that Steve is just a tenant. Earlier on Steve had disclosed his wealth claiming to be a board member of Faulu micro finance and still a board member at the airline fly540. He also went ahead to brag that he owns a KSH 500Million house in Karen. 
 Well the two companies have already written and confirmed to the general public that they are not associated with Steve Mbogo in anyway whatsoever.

A source close to the political family that owns the large piece of real estate told Word is,

 “Steve Mbogo doesn’t own that house, nor has he bought it, he is a tenant. The sad thing about all this is that the person entrusted with the property is at pains to explain to the family how he can sell the property without their permission. Yet that is not the case. He is a tenant who pays Sh450,000 a month.”

In an interview with the Nairobian, Steve Mbogo laughed off claims that he was a tenant and said, “My house in Karen sits on five acres. Where in Nairobi can you rent a house sitting on five acres for such a small amount? “I bought the house two years ago for Sh500 million”

The person in charge of the house is calling on Steve Mbogo to issue a public statement retracing claims that he bought the house as this will save the care taker from the jaws of the owners of the house. If indeed Steve claims to have bought the house then the person in charge should disclose the monies to the owner of the property of which is not the case here. Steve's public statements is just a hoax.

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