TRUE LOVE!!! Look at what Tanya's fiance did that left her blushing like a little girl

Former Tahidi High Actress Sarah Hassan popularly known as Tanya recently surprised her fans after fans after she announced that she was engaged. Tanya being one of the sexy endowed actresses in the country the news was not pleasing to the Team Mafisi as she is a lady that every man would call a dream come true.

Well the sultry actress has once again shared her bundle of joy with her social media followers after she received a painting of her from her hubby. Tanya claims to have arrived at home and found the painting placed near the other collection of her hubby’s. 

This is a gesture that left her blushing like a little girl and this is what she took to social media.

OMG!! Came home to find that my fiancé got the incredible @jcreativemynds to do a drawing of me and he put it up in the living room next to the rest of his art. I love it and I love you @martinndale1 ... thank you babe, you're amazing!!!  Thank you @jcreativemynds #itsnotevenchrismasyet #ILoveTheFrame #ILovethePiece” Tanya posted on social media accompanied by the photo below:

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11 December 2015 at 15:13 delete

Good for her,we all happy despite being a socialist or not we all loved by those who were meant for us..