"we all make mistakes" Here is what DJ Creme plans to do if his children come to see his sex tape

Popularly know spin master DJ Crème Dela Crème will be one of those who will live to recall the year 2015 as the most humiliating year in their lives. It is the year when an embarrassing sex tape leaked online and became the talk of town in the entire blogosphere and social media platforms.

Well the Dj creme did not seem much moved by the entire scandal as the family man continued with his life as normal and later apologised to his fans for the video and said that the video was recorded a long time ago when he was a young man.

However DJ Creme has big fears that his children may one day come to know about his sex tape scandal. Speaking during a media interview here is what he said:

“I know I will address that issue (children seeing his s3x t@pe) when the time is right. I always pray for wisdom to tell them the right thing at the right time because everybody makes mistakes. If I try and hide it, they will somehow still find out. I’ll have to make them understand that daddy made a mistake, I believe that someday we will laugh about it, but as for now it’s not giving me stress!” Creme said.

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