10 things you did not know about Citizen TV Anne Kiguta

1. When was Anne Kiguta born?

Anne Kiguta was born in 1985 and as for now the sultry tv siren is approximately between 30-31 years old. She was also born in a humble family background.

“I am 30 years old and the last of four girls. I grew up in an average Kenyan family. We weren’t wealthy and my parents made it abundantly clear that I had to work for everything I wanted in life.” Anne Kiguta revealed.

2. How was Anne Kiguta’s family background?

Anne Kiguta disclosed that she can call herself a successful lady at the moment due to the fact that she was raised in a humble background.
“Our family was poor and my parents made it abundantly clear that I had to work for everything I wanted in life. So I learnt the values of work, determination and tenacity quite early in life.” Anne Kiguta said.

3. Was Anne Kiguta’s mother a victim of an Abusive Relationship?

The sexy tv personality explained that her upbringing was never easy especially due to the fact that Anne’s mother was a victim of an abusive relationship.

“My upbringing was difficult because I was raised in a home where my father physically assaulted my mother and on occasion my sisters and myself.” She revealed. “It was an ordeal and a pitiful experience” Kiguta added.

4. Is Anne Kiguta married or Single?

I guess the alternative to this question is, “Where is Anne Kiguta’s husband?” First of all, Anne is SINGLE asf!!!! Citizen Tv’s Anne Kiguta just like her mother happens to have been a victim of abusive relationship. Anne left her former boyfriend after being beaten more than three times.

“There is this time my ex boyfriend furiously beat me up just while I was about to go live on air at KTN. Mind you I was holding our baby; Sasha Wairimu at the time of the beating. I packed my bags and left with Sasha following spontaneous abuse.” Anne stated.

5. Anne Kiguta loves nothing more than her daughter;

Anne Kiguta has a very beautiful daughter named Sasha Wairimu. When asked what she could not sacrifice for popularity, Anne revealed to media that she can’t sacrifice her daughter for anything.
“Sacrifice my relationship with my daughter. She comes first in my life.” Anne disclosed.

6. How Anne Kiguta balances between work and taking care of her daughter;

Like stated above, Anne loves her daughter pretty much than everything and is willing to sacrifice anything even work for Sasha. Anne Kiguta stated that her relationship with Sasha is permanent but her relationship with work is important but not permanent.

“My daughter, our relationship- that is permanent. My career is important and deeply fulfilling but not permanent. So the golden rule is, never invest the permanent in the temporary.” Anne blurted out.

7. The two things Anne will never sacrifice for the sake of fame;

Apart from her beautiful daughter, Anne Kiguta will never ever sacrifice her values/spirituality and also she can never undermine her colleagues for money or fame.

“First off, I can never give up my values and spirituality for money. It’s what has brought me this far. Finally, I would NEVER undermine my colleagues to get my own way.” Anne clearly said.

8. Anne Kiguta’s professional lesson as a TV anchor;

The hot Tv siren explained that she has had a taste of a thousand professional lessons especially being a female anchor. She however said that as an anchor anything can happen and so you should never lose your guard.

“Anything can happen. And it usually does, especially when you least expect it. You have to be ready at all times and for anything and everything. Once that camera is rolling there is no such thing as “take-two”. You get one chance and once chance only.” Anne advised.

9. Anne Kiguta’s love for fashion is unconditional;

Anne recently revealed to a local tabloid that fashion is like a drug to her and she is addicted to it in a way she can explain. She further stated that she would love to be in casual fashion like every time but unfortunately while covering politics on air she has to wear something appropriate.

“I like the local brother-sister style of Papa Petit and Velma Rossa of ‘2manysiblings’. I love the art and culture fusion in what they wear. And if I wasn’t covering politics I’d probably be wearing that because deep down I just want to be in my ripped jeans.”- Anne.

10. The challenges Anne Kiguta faces as tv siren;

Anne Kiguta claimed that the media industry is clouded by inequality and that to make it as far as she has, is nothing but milestone after milestone.

“Media is a testosterone driven business. No we are not treated like equals. But it’s up to you to make your presence felt and take your position. I have faced my fair of chauvinism. Even now, with some male peers, they still from time to time talk down to women.” Anne disclosed.

Credit - Citizen Digital

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