24 year old Man arraigned in court for sexually abusing a goat.

photo: Google Images
We are currently living in a crazy world where bestiality is on the rise and in most cases men involves men. It was drama in court in Thika where Thika Chief Magistrate heard a case of a 24 year old Mechanic Cleophas Oyango who was found red handed sexually assaulting a goat in a thicket.

According to what the court heard, John Kamau and his wife left their two goats on 20th January 2016 tethered near their compound but upon returning home in the evening the goat was missing and the couple started searching for the missing animal.

They had to separate ways in order to make their search easier and after splinting the woman caught Onyango pants down bending over her goat. She was quick to raise alarm before Onyango could dress up and run and residents nearby managed to get hold the suspect and took him to the nearby police station.
According to a veterinary officer’s report, the goat has indeed been sexually molested.
Onyango was arraigned in court on January 26th and denied having committed the offence and he will be remanded till March 15 when his case will be heard. He was remanded after he failed to produce Ksh 100,000 cash bail or a surety of the same amount.

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