Avril reveals the amoung she reveals the amount she received from MCSK last year. Such a pitty

Well endowed Songstress Avril took to social media to social media to reveal that she is not secretly with Music copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) to con hardworking artists in the country
Laying her sentiments on her instagram page the sultry songstress disclosed she is suffering the same fate as other local artists who are complaining about the minimal amount they have been receiving as royalties from the organisation. This prompted her to share what herself received as royalties last year. Her net figure amounted to KSH 4,800.

“Ndio nisikie the know it alls saying I'm in bed with MCSK. I'm fighting cause I see where the problem is..and I want my money too but I won't fight the person fighting for me...” Avril posted on her Instagram page accompanied by the photo below that shows how much she received from the MCSK. ‘  

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