Dennis Itumbi shocks many as he says this about Marriage despite rumors he is dating Citizen Tv Jaque Maribe

Later last year Statehouse Digital Director cum former blogger Dennis Itumbi made headlines in the entire blogosphere and social media after he decided to surprise Citizen News Anchor Jacque Maribe with a birthday cake. Rumors have been vastly spreading that indeed the two are in a serious relationship but during a media interview Dennis claimed that he doesn’t believe in Marriage and is not planning to settle down for one any time soon.
Well this has brought a lot of controversy as the two have been spotted in various occasions getting romantic including a photo that made circles online of the two kissing was evident enough that the two had something. Dennis rubbished the rumors and claims that they are just close friends.

 There’s nothing of a romantic nature going on between Jackie Maribe and I. She is simply a very good friend of mine. We met a while back when she was in media circles and we connected. That’s it. I delivered a cake to a friend, at her place of work, on her birthday. There’s nothing more to it. She’s a really great friend though.” Itumbi said.

The 34 year old former blogger also disclosed that he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage and that’s why he has not settled down for marriage despite his age.

 “I don’t believe the institution of marriage is one that is compulsory to all. I don’t think it works. Life is so structured. And I hate it. Get born, go to school, find a job, get married, have kids, retire, and the cycle starts again with the kids. It’s terrible. I’m determined to interfere with that structure.” He added.

So if Jacque thinks that Itumbi will make a move and propose to her for marriage, this will not happen any-time soon. But you never know it may be a big surprise awaiting. Only time can tell

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