Embarrassing!!!! Man disowns his hot girlfriend on broad daylight for doing this. So sad see photos

A Couple have left instagram users talking after a man denied her girl on broad day light after posting their photos together.
The pretty lass uploaded photos of her and her bae on instagram and captioned “Chilling wit Bae.” Well to her surprise the lad declared that he was not her bae and demanded her to delete his photos.
The lad’s reaction towards the photos being on the Lady’s instagram page clearly indicates that the two are not in a serious relationship or he could be having some side chic elsewhere and would not wish to be caught red handed with photos of him with another chic.
Many social media users have sided with the lady as they describe it that the lass was trying to express her feelings towards but he seems to be cheating on her.

Here are the screenshots of the photos and comments

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