Exposed!!! Here's why Embakasi MP is making headlines. Could it be for the wrong reason again?

Embakassi MP George Theuri who is popularly known as the ‘swagarific’ MP is making headlines on the blogosphere and not for the right reasons. Later last year the MP was trolled by Kenyans on social media for uploading a semi nude photo with his wife on his side on his social media account.
A concerned constituent who currently lives in South Africa took to Whatsapp to question the Member of Parliament how he runs developments in his constituency since he is always making frequent trips to accompany Deputy president William Ruto to the hague.
Well Theuri did not take the concerns of the man lightly and bitterly hauled all sorts of unimaginable uncouth insults. According to Theuri its like the man did not deserve the right of audience since he was speaking when away from home.

The man shared the screen shots of their conversation with the MP.

Well the man did not allow his anger to take over him as he did not insult back at the MP. However the man has not stated whether he will take legal action against the Member of Parliament’s insults.
After a while when the screenshots of the conversation were leaked online, the MP took to social media to announce that he had lost his phone the day before and does not claim responsibility of any text messages send via his phone number.

Here is a screenshot of his post.

A popular Website ( team decided to call the Member of Parliament to know about the legitimacy but after they disclosed the nature of their call the MP hanged up.

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