First Lady Margaret Kenyatta hosts a colorful Breakfirst for Celebrities as she launched the 3rd edition of the First lady Marathon

Kenya’s First lady Margaret Kenyatta is celebrated for her motherly love towards the Kenyan Citizens in her massive project Beyond Zero Campaign. Her campaign has been on since she became Kenya’s first lady and it has seen many county hospitals provided with proper equipments to prevent maternal deaths and many mobile clinics opened in rural areas.
 During a breakfast with celebrities and other delegates, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today said there is need to introduce smarter and sustainable models to address the deplorable high numbers of maternal and child deaths in the country even as the Beyond Zero campaign was hailed as a highly gratifying and transformative initiative. She recognized the unique partnerships forged in support of the Initiative and urged for broader collaboration and funding for this year. She however said despite the milestones achieved through the Beyond Zero in the last two years, maternal and child deaths are still “unacceptable”.
“Our focus, must be to pull together innovative ideas and approaches; introduce smarter, scalable and sustainable models, to address the deplorable high numbers of maternal and child deaths in this country”, she said.
During the meeting, the First Lady launched the 3rd Edition of the First Lady’s Half Marathon slated for March 6, and released a technical report detailing the successes and challenges faced by the Beyond Zero initiative.

Here are some photos of the breakfast meeting

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