Here is why whats app messaging failed for during the night of 2015-2016

Millions of whats app users worldwide were stranded after their whats app application service was nonfunctional few hours before the ushering in of the new year. Many were not in a position to send text messages to family members and friends through the app since While attempting to use the WhatsApp Web service generated an error message that said: 'WhatsApp Web requires a working internet connection, which you don't have at the moment.' Elsewhere, some users could receive new messages - albeit with a delay - but couldn't reply.

The popular messaging service owned by Facebook was intermittently unavailable for several hours Thursday, delaying New Year's Eve messages for some users.

Facebook says WhatsApp has about 900 million global users.

Facebook Inc. did not immediately answer questions about the cause of the outage or if service had been fully restored

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