Mother wins KSH 22 Million sportpesa Jackpot. How she did it will shock you

A mother of two Cum business woman by the name Elimah Khanaistsa was the lucky one this time round after she won KSH 22Million from the Sportpesa’s Jackpot last weekend.  For you to win the jackpot prise you have to predict 13 correct outcomes in sportpesa. 

In an interview the smiling woman revealed that she was introduced to betting by a driver who works in a tea factory where her husband is the director. She went ahead saying that she has been doing thorough research before staking any amount but this time round it seems luck was by her side since her stake was through guess work which has now made her a Millionaire.
The woman resides in Kakamega and claims to be a Arsenal diehard fan.  Elimah says she is yet to decide  what to do with the money she won and is expecting to receive the dummy cheque of KSH 22Million on Wednesday January 6 2016

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