“My husband says angry s3x is the best and wants it rough and violent.” Pauline from Nairobi

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It is always a blessing to those who are currently enjoying their marriage life without facing difficult problems. I happened to stumble upon a post of a Nairobi woman who is undergoing some trauma as her husband is engaging her in angry sex and she opted to share her painful experience with the public. Here’s her post

Hey Daily post admin
I have been married for four years but when we were dating, my husband and I didn’t have sex. We only started once we got married.
I write this because I am concerned that I am being abused but I don’t know. My Husband and I argue a lot after we had the argument, we always seem to end up in bed but when we have sex it is very rough and painful, sometimes I even bleed and when I complain my husband tells me that angry sex is the best and that’s how he enjoys it.
I don’t know how else to tell him that I don’t like us always having sex when in anger and am now afraid to sleep with him.

What should I do?
PAULINE- Nairobi

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