Nameless a member of team mafisi?? Look what he said about Eritrea's new law

Whoever came out with the ‘Team Mafisi sacco’ slogan “we are many” actually had a vision on the vast growth of the ‘group’. Well #triptoeritrea is the trending topic on social media for the better part of the week since the Eritrean Government passed a law that a man should marry at least two wives or risk imprisonment.  This has caused mixed reactions among social media users.
Earlier yesterday popularly known Musician Nameless took to social media to ask his fans whether the trending story about Eritrea was true and in a bid to cover himself from being roasted by his fans, he used the hash tag “askingforafriend” . As they say ‘mwanaume ni Yule yule’ the butterfly hit maker revealed his urge to join team mafisi who have expressed their desire to travel to Eritrea or have such a law introduced in Kenya.

“Haha... waKenya muko na mambo! Lakini is this Eritrea story true? #askingforafriend” Nameless captioned the photo below eliciting mixed reactions.

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