SHOCKER!!! 70 year old man impregnates a standard 3 girl

A 70 year old man in Kwale County has shocked many after he impregnated a 13 year old girl whom he was living with. According to Zuma Mwero Kadzema he took the young girl from her mother in a bid to sponsor her education but later started engaging her in sexual activities yet he denies marrying her.
Mr Kadzema revealed that her mother allowed him to go with the girl when she was 9 after he promised to sponsor her education but when the girl reached puberty he saw it was the right time to sleep with the girl since he felt he had spent a lot of money for her education and would not get anyone to refund it when she was through.
“I had sex with her because I feared even if I did not, someone else would; and it would hurt me considering I have sacrificed a lot for her. I had used a lot of money to educate her; I looked around and saw there’s no one who would refund me the money I had spent on her. However, sleeping with her wasn’t my intention,” Said Mr Juma.
The girl who had reached standard 3 was forced to drop out to deliver her baby.

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