SHOCKER!!! Father cuts his sons's genitals and covers it with tea leaves

Nyeri dark incidences of rape and genitals chopping were the talk of town for the better part of last year and is has crept to 2016 and now the men have turned to be the headline makers. Its barely a week after a teenager was raped and thrown in a well after a father did an unGodly act to his 4 year old son.
James Kingori who happens to be a step father of a 4 year old boy apparently sent his son to fetch a crow bar for him. The boy did not return with what he was sent and the father decided to cut his genitals as a way of punishment. 

King’ori was caught on the act by his neighbors but he defended himself by saying that his son was injured by the crowbar. He took his son to the nearest clinic where he was referred to a general hospital and chose to ignore the doctor’s plea. He applied salt to the wound and covered it with tea leaves in order to ease the bleeding. The mother of the boy noticed the wound after the bandage fell off and rushed the boy to hospital a week after the injury and the husband went into hiding.
Doctors revealed that the young boy was in stable condition but since his wound was swollen he cannot undergo surgery until the swelling subsides.

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