This is why Ex Tahidi High Actress Barbara Chepkoech highly regrets the death of Diana Chelele

As the entire nation mourns the death of the well known singer Diana Chelele, Ex Tahidi high Actress Barbara Chepkoech is highly regretting the death of the singer. The late Diana Chelele and Barbara were close friends and hence Barbara feels guilty and blaming herself for the death of Chelele.
Laying her sentiments on social media the actress says  she could have done something to prevent her early demise

“When I first met Chelele, I was humbled that she had taken one of my songs and made it into her own. I was not mad but humbled at her creativity. We performed together at the Carnivore and later at the City Cabanas. I had made a friend. We went on different paths and life happened, I was far and I am guilty of that. I ask myself a lot of what ifs... I am scared because I know I have been down that path, it's never ok. So sorry Chelele, am so sorry Diana.” Barbara wrote in part.

After Barbara learnt of the video Diana recorded narrating her ordeal in her marriage, it is then that she discovered that she was undergoing mental and physical turmoil. The actress is currently inquiring on how she could reach the late Chelele’s children as she wants to ensure their well being.

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