What Gospel star Piston and his wife did has left many talking (PHOTO)

Over the past few years, it has become the norm for various celebrities to open social media accounts for their young ones.

Locally, celebrities such as DJ Crème dela Crème, DJ Mo & Size 8, Talia Oyando, King Kaka, Nazizi among others, have all opened Instagram accounts for their children.

The latest celebrity to fall prey to the new trend is gospel star Pitson, who together with his wife, Karol Mwai, was blessed with a new born baby on 28th December 2015.

Soon after their child was born, the couple opened an instagram account for their barely day old baby, much to the shock and disbelief of their fans and followers.

Many social media users have sharply criticized the couple for their decision to create a social media account for a toddler who has no clue how to talk leave alone even operate a phone! 
According to many users opening an Instagram account for a child at an early age leaves him/her exposed to the dangers of cyberspace as there are no safety guides that parents can follow to ensure the online safety of their children.

One concerned social media user was of the opinion that if the couple wanted to show off their child, they would have rather posted a few photos of him/her on their own Instagram accounts, and not opening an account for the child.

However, other social media users were not as kind and went ahead to question what was wrong with Pitson and his wife.

"What is wrong with human beings though? SMH....." A shocked social media user captioned the screen grabs below

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