Why is everyone complaining about this photo of Yassin Juma. Could there be something wrong? Here is what he had to say

Former NTV journalist Cum blogger Yassin Juma was the talk of town during the weekend after he was arrested and detained by CID officers after he defied orders from Interior Security Cabinet Secretary’s orders not to post anything about the El-Adde attack on social media platforms.
The former journalist went ahead to post sensitive information on his blog and social media accounts with claims that he was receiving reliable information from the KDF.
However Yassin Juma was released on Monday afternoon and he flashed one-finger sign moments after his release, a move that has left many social media users asking what it meant since it is a sign noted from the Al-Shaabab leaders.
Through his social media pages, Juma tried to explain the meaning of the hand sign, which has been associated to terrorists, claiming that it was a sign used to indicate “oneness of God”.

Here is what Yassin Juma posted on social Media
"oh Ooh Kanu Yajenga Nchi
Ooh Ooh Kanu Yajenga Nchi
Kanu Eeh Kanu Yajenga Nchi
Sad that We are slowly and steadily going back to the Kanu Era

Am Free at last. Takbirrrrrrr!!!! Thank You Everyone For your support.I appreciate all your efforts following my arrest and detention.

And for those asking what the index finger stands for, it is a sign used to indicate the oneness of God and that our tribulations in this world can only be solved by that one good Lord. God is one” And no other entity/being is as powerful, merciful and Magnificent as he is. #FreeYassinJuma"

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