Flamboyant City Lawyer Donald KipKorir Invite Friends over to Concede Sad Defeat to Donald Trump

After the US elections turned out to be one of the most unexpected in history, many people especially in kenya who supported Hillary Clinton have been posting messages on social media on how they were not only saddened but also shocked at how there were many silent Trump voters who pretended not to support anyone.
Just before the elections on Monday, flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir confidently predicted a record-breaking win for Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.
Kipkorir via his social media page claimed that Bill Clinton would be the first US President to return to White House as a mere spouse, but he was later shocked to see the candidate he supported being Trumped.
After the sad defeat, the lawyer decided to host a few friends in his house probably to console himself.
His post..
Today, my friends came over to my house to commiserate with me on the upending and shocking voting in America. Truly sad that most women voted for Trump rather than Hillary Clinton. We graciously concede defeat to Trump. One day, Chelsea Clinton will make good Her mum‘s deferred dreams. Life must go on. There is a new world order.”

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