How Radio Presenter Nick Odhiambo locked up Her Girlfriend for two weeks and beat her till she collapsed

Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo is one the spot after his ex girlfriend came out to cause him of assault.
Jane Mwai, claims that Nick started beating her up in 2013 and her photos were doing rounds on social media but no one believed her. The two are said to have had a 'small' misunderstanding.
The other time was just recently during a concert “We were coming from Yetu Festival at Ngong Racecourse. I told him I wanted to greet a friend and when I came back, he told me that I was trying to spite him. He locked me in the car and started beating me till I collapsed. He broke my reading glasses and phone.”
The couple lived together at Nick's house in  Kiserian until their separation. They recently hooked up again but Nick's behavior had not changed.
“He has been looking for me and I decided to give him a last chance. Nick is a very crazy person. There is a time he locked me in his house and beat me for two weeks. One time, he even broke my teeth. There is a place in his house with flowers that he told me would be my grave,” Jane claimed, adding that the radio presenter is very arrogant.
Nick on the other hand has denied the claims and is accusing her of painting a bad picture of him, making it impossible to get into a serious relationship since every woman he meets thinks of him as a violent man.

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