Vihiga County MCA Goes Into Hiding After Accidentally Posting Her Nudes on County WhatsApp Group

A nominated MCA from Vihiga County has become the subject of embarrassment  after she accidentally posted her bedroom photo on a WhatsApp group where MCAs discuss development issues in the County.
The MCA Rhoda Omufumu posted the steamy photo of herself with an unidentified man (probably having s3x) on Vihiga County Development Group.

Rhoda is said to gone  into hiding after posting the photo that has been a subject of discussion in Vihiga County Assembly.
What is even more embarrasing, she is a church leader who is respected in her village but her randy behaviours are now well known.
The pictures elicited reaction on social media, with most people calling for the MCA's resignation for 'letting the entire community down'.
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