EXPOSED: What This Muzungu Has Been Doing to young Kenyan Girls is S**T, He Should Be in Prison

A man who is suspected to be of a Turkish descent has been preying on black women including Kenyan ladies and luring them into S3x trade.

He is said to be luring young innocent black women into s3x messing up their lives.

According to an expose by one of her potential victims, he lies to ladies that there are lucrative opportunities in Turkey but when they land there, they are turned into s3x slaves.

She wrote to Social media bigwig  Xtian Dela exposing this shameless beast who is planning to come to Mombasa on December  probably to make a 'collection'

Here is the post.

Hey, please help me expose this. Help save the lives of poor innocent young girls out there.
This Turskish guy by the name @engineer_sin on instagram sent a follow request, I accepted. Shortly he Dm's me and asks for my number to chat on whatsapp. 

I thought he was being friendly. Quickly he video calls me, the first question he asks me was if I like sex. I knew where this was leading to, so I kept the conversation going, I was curious to find out his intentions, the foolish man asked me to send naked pictures of myself. 

I excused myself for a minute, checking out his followers in IG. All of them were black women some were Kenyans I could tell from the names. Clearly it clicked in my mind that this guy was sex trafficking online👎🏻👎🏿 SHAME ON HIM FOR DISRESPECTING WOMEN AND TRYING TO MAKE HIS DIRTY MONEY FROM INNOCENT SOULS.

Even worse, to convince me he tried using money. He sent me some of his pictures revealing some of his body parts. I said to him 

can't do such things, then told me if am not sending him naked pictures I should ** off. Clearly this man is targeting black WOMEN. 

He is planning to come to Mombasa this December for a month and he wanted me to spend "Time" with him. 

I refused because that is not who I am. My deepest concern and greatest worry is that he will come and do such evil things to innocent little Kenyan girls. 

He promises young girls about good things in his country Turkey, but once there, the young girls become s3x slaves. 

Kindly help spread this and save the lives of our young girls from this S3x Pest!! I hope and pray the Government stops him from stepping foot in Kenya

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