PESA OTAS: Akothee's Net Worth Finally Revealed

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth famously known by her stage name Akothee is a 'silent' billionaire acording to her manager Nelson Oyugi.

Oyugi has declared that Akothee’s net worth is estimated at $61 million which is roughly Kshs 61 Billion, making her among the richest Kenyans.

Speaking to the press, Oyugi denied earlier reports that the singer is worth between Kshs 300 and Kshs 400 million, saying that that was only a gift she received but not the total amount of her wealth.

"Akothee is not worth that amount but there is a time she received gifts worth that amount and I think that is where media outlets got that approximation from,”Oyugi  told the Edaily.

Akothee is said to own a house in Switzerland worth $50 million dollars which we think might have been given to her by her  old Muzungu.

Her assets in Kenya are said to be around $10 million which translates to around Kshs. 1 Billion plus her cash which totals up to around $61 Million.

We cannot verify Oyugi's claims but its the most reliable source we have at the moment. 

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