Doctors' Union officials sentenced to one-month jail term

Employment and labor relations Judge Hellen Wasilwa has sentenced doctors union to a one month suspended jail term.  The union officials have been given two weeks to conclude negotiations and call off the strike. 

The Judge however said that the Union officials are weak in leadership and are unable to make decisions to suspend the doctors’ strike after they adamantly refused to present their issues before the court.

making the ruling Wasilwa said;

“ You have told me that you are still negotiating so I will give you a small window to ensure negotiations continue. I sentence you to one month in jail which is a suspended sentence which will fall on your head within two weeks if your strike is still on,” 
“You will be arrested wherever you are and taken straight to jail,” she added.

Justice Wasilwa also ruled that the female officials would be locked up in Lang'ata Women's Prison while their male counterparts in Industrial Area Remand Prison or Kamiti Maximum Prison.

via: The Standard 

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