KWISHA: Family Man Lies to Wife he Went to a Seminar, Then Clande Exposes Their Escapade on Kilimani Mums

A Nairobi man who lied to his wife that he had gone for a seminar has been exposed on social media by his mango wa kando.

According to his side dish, they had a misunderstanding after  two sexthon in a hotel room where she decided to expose him. 

The lady posted photo 0f the married man in a lodging and told his wife that he was busy enjoying s3x with her and that one more day was left before they  were finished.

“Attention. If this is your hubby and lied to you that he is going for a seminar. Ulicheshwo. 

Hakuna seminar. Just call him and tell him to come back home. Kesho ni day 3 ya sexthon.” She posted  on Kilimani Mums.

Her post on the popular Facebook group Kilimani mums went viral, with even some ladies saying they know the guy.

here is the post.

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