President Kenyatta Hits Out at the Opposition During His New Year's Speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta has  sent a strong warning message to the opposition politicians in a televised message delivered from State House, Mombasa during new year.

During his speech the President made a slight break from tradition of new year speeches and hit out at the opposition, accusing it of dishonesty.

“We will not allow our efforts and those of Kenyans to be destroyed by politicians who seem to have embraced the lesson that confrontation and provocation are the only way for them to operate politically,” he said

Kenyatta appeared to be targeting the three CORD coalition leaders who have previously called for mass demonstrations to oppose the elections amendment law that was recently passed by the National Assembly.

Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula plus other leaders int the coalition have since called off the street protests saying they are awaiting on the Senate to deliberate on the proposed law.

He continued, “They have announced demonstrations and even the so-called “mass action” in the coming days. Let us be honest with one another when assessing what they mean by mass action,”
“In the past when the same politicians have used this phrase, they have meant violence is on the way.”

“This is not opposition politics. This is disruption and undermining of a country,” Kenyatta concluded.

The president went on to assure Kenyans that the 2017 election would be peaceful, free, and fair, and called on Kenyans to support his re-election bid so that he could complete his developments projects.

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