Safaricom CEO Collymore Blasts Sauti Sol bad dressing

Despite Many fans calling on saudi sol to rethink about their dress code, nothing has happened, in fact the group singers have gone on to dress even worse, embarrassing their die hard fans whenever they go abroad to represent Kenya.

Among those not happy with their dress code is Safaricom CEO Bob collimore.

Mr Collimore has had it enough and has come out to speak openly about how "cucu like" the group members dress.

Responding to what kind of music he listens to, the Collimore said he loves Sauti sol but he would fell even better if they changed their wardrobe. 

“My list would not be complete without Sauti Sol. These young men make me so proud. They take their craft seriously and they are making waves globally. I’d just be happier if they would buy new clothes that don’t have holes in them, and are not so tight,” Collymore told the Buzz Magazine

Sauti Sol has named as one of the most successful music bands in Africa, but unfortunately according to Bob, their dressing don't match up to their music.

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