3 Ways To Tell If He Is Worth The Wait

Have you tried every now and then? and made every possible effort to take out time from your busy schedule to at least call or text him and he barely takes any initiative? Tired and wondering if he is worth your wait or not?

Well, fret not, here are 3 ways to tell if the guy you’re holding out for deserves your patience:

1. He gets in touch as least as much as you do

Relationships aren’t games, and your man shouldn’t treat yours like one. If you’re regularly trying to track this guy down and always texting or calling him instead of the other way around, then this guy may not be worth waiting for. If your instinct tells you the relationship is nowhere near the top of his priorities and that you’re putting a lot more into it than he is, you may be wasting your time.
It’s not how many times the guy gets in touch with you either. What’s the intent of his contact?
•    Is he asking about your day?
•    Is he trying to do something kind just for the heck of it, or even just to let you know he’s thinking about you?
If he’s getting in touch to offer you something, and not just to get something from you, then it may be worth sticking around to see what happens with this one.

2. HIs he interested in more than just the physical

Are you okay with being a booty call? Yes, men (and women) have needs and desires, and it’s okay for two consenting adults to honour those needs. But if he only looks like he wants the physical aspects of your relationship, then don’t expect him to eventually become interested in your feelings, values, and intimate thoughts in the way that you’d want a serious partner to be.

3. He’s honest about what he wants

A relationship-ready guy knows what he wants and is honest about this with his partner. So, if your guy can kindly and sincerely explain you what he’s looking for when it comes to romance, you’ll know whether it’s worth your time (and his) to wait around and see what happens. Then, how can you tell if he’s being honest or not? Listen to his words and make sure his words match his actions. Otherwise, the relationship might not be worth your emotional investment.

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